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Confidence in 7 Days

A Jumpstart in Your Fitness Journey

I know, the road to that perfect body line is hard, so hard that many set their new year resolution only to be miserable and fatter at year end. You buy every kind of weight loss pills you can find on the internet, skip meals or pay crazy fees for weekly slimming programs that requires no workout.

Sure, if they’d all worked, you wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t promise you that it won’t be hard. All I can say is everything you do with us, it won’t all go to waste.

From this program, you will learn the basics of workout, from form to posture. This is important as it saves you from injury. Although pain is gain, too much pain also means longer recovery and slower gain, not to mention the unpleasant feeling for days, maybe weeks. We also watch your macronutrients intake closely by providing you 5 star healthy meal approved by dieticians. You can also get your hands dirty with the meal preparation conducted by our chef too!

Most important, this course aims to instill confidence in you that you can actually reach your fitness goal. 7 days is more enough to see visible results in your body. Talk to us to find out more!


Easy to learn
Burn fat build muscles
General physical health
Pleasure of the activity

For whom this class

Anyone who is facing difficulties in achieving their fitness goals


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