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Private Personal Training

Exclusive customized trainings

We believe the best fitness results don’t come from “one size fits all” kind of trainings. We will look into your fitness needs eg is it to gain muscle or just stay healthy? We will then, customise our training programmes to suit your needs and current physical fitness.

Hence, rather than calling it like the typical “personal training programmes”, we call it highly “individualised and customised” training programmes.

6 Training Sessions for Guaranteed Results

We have 6 customised training sessions which will guarantee results.

All these trainings are tailored to improve your strength, speed, power and endurance. They challenge your mental and physical fitness, test your ability and above all, transform you to achieve your goals. We will also focus on improving your mind-muscle connection and creating the balance muscle symmetry and perfect body proportion.

To really give you the convenience to our trainings, you give us your time and we will advise you and schedule it accordingly. Gyming is anytime!

Training Programme:

Session 1:

It’s all about basic stretching and warming up to release tight muscles and tension. Learn 5 important basic body movements with some important & basic weight training exercises

Session 2:

Solve movement issues from session 1. Repeat and revise session 1 training and progress to more exercises that challenge more muscles.

Session 3:

Training with progression overload like adding weights on the exercises, more reps and sets. Continue to solve any body mobility and improving the movement. More new exercises on lower to upper body.

Session 4:

Practices the previous exercises and make improvement. Introduce more new exercises to challenges the full body muscles

Session 5:

Improvements and adjustments. Train the full body muscle to achieve progressive overload in terms of lifting heavier, better posture and form

Session 6:

Wrap up the training with more new exercises to challenge the full body muscles to achieve progressive overload in weightlifting. In-between the session, we will also advise you on balanced nutritional meals.


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