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Train The Trainer

We want to bring change, not only towards people new to bodybuilding, but most importantly for you! Ready yourself to be a Personal Trainer.

We aim to expand our team, and to increase the MOFIT brand awareness.

Learn > Do > Teach

  • Professional guidance
  • Comprehensive knowledge and experience in fitness
  • Professional training ground and friendly environment
  • Wide range of gym equipment

Why choose us?

Our experience

We have 9 years of experience in fitness and coaching.

Our mindset

We are passionate in transforming bodies and we believe persistence is key.

Our difference

We focus on practical experience, not just theoretical knowledge.

Train with us. Make a difference.

In a course of 6 months, we will change you into a full fledge trainer with the skillsets to make a difference. Utilize your passion to bring change towards your future self and others now! Upon graduation, you can even join us and be a part of our family, creating an unstoppable wave.

WhatsApp us @+6017-6046053 for further details.


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