Founder & Master Trainer

“Your body, our responsibility.”

  • ACE Certified
  • Ex-national wall climber & coach
  • Bachelor of Degree in Electronic Engineering
  • Participant in Musclemania and Men of Steel
  • Ultra Spartan Race Finisher (50km)

Going to the gym started off as a hobby. Later, it became something John was truly passionate about. As he continued to work on his strength, he came to the realization that perhaps he could not only improve himself, but others as well.

Even as a fitness professional with over 10 years of experience, John is still continuously evolving. As he continues his journey, he hopes to spread his knowledge to others and help them better themselves so that they feel more confident in their bodies.

On top of being a zealous bodybuilder, he is an excellent and versatile personal trainer who is able to guide people with different levels of understanding and learning capacities. John has helped over 500 clients transform their bodies and lives. Thanks to him, all of his clients experience not just one, but many breakthroughs throughout their fitness journey. He preaches a balanced lifestyle – no strict diets or crazy intense workouts. Most importantly, John dedicates more than half of his time to his clients, going out of his way to help them achieve their fitness goals.