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Fine-tuned lesson for the perfect muscle symmetry and body proportion.

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MOFIT is about You. Not just Us.

You want to work out far away from the madding crowd.

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Welcome to the Ministry of Fitness (MOFIT). We’re not your usual gym and fitness centre in Malaysia. We’re an exclusively private fitness centre which challenges convention, defies odds and makes differences in your fitness. We go beyond exercise. We’re your body transformer.


Right Technique Right Form

We focus on right way by improving mind-muscle connection and turning on the muscle-building switch

Personalized Training for Optimum Results

We don’t practise one size fits all training programmes. Our trainings are highly individualised and customised to your body and needs.

Only trainers with solid proven track records in training

We’re very selective about who will train you and only hire the best.

Perfect Figure

Well-defined muscle symmetry and body proportion. We turn the body you desire a reality

What we do

Private Personal Training Private Personal Training

Away from the prying eyes, we will create a lifestyle

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Train The Trainer Train The Trainer

Channel your passion into skills

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Personalized Diet

You are what you eat. Our dietician personalize and prepare your meals according to your macro and micro needs.

Personalized Workout

Enough of the wasteful tiring exercises. Every workout here will bring you closer to your goals.

Only Quality Trainers

Every ace needs a mentor. A good mentor has to be an ace himself/herself too!

Perfect Figure

Well-defined muscle symmetry and body proportion. We turn the body you desire a reality

Our Vision


Training should be functional and practical, achieving desired fitness goal in the given time.


We have walked the path of fitness, and now we are showing how it's done.


Time is of essence. Your fitness plans are personalized to hit your goals in the shortest time possible.


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The Essence of Great Bodyline is Doing It RIGHT Everyone can play with weights, barbell and dumbbell, sure. However without proper guidance and training, it can take forever for one to achieve one’s desired bodyline. I have learnt the hard way, only to realize that hard work isn’t the key to everything. Pain is gain, […]

John Chong

Prevention is better than cure!

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COVID-19 make all of us realize that money simply cannot buy everything. In the face of mortal danger – COVID 19 virus, we have nothing but to resort to our own immune system and social isolation. What if you could build your money immune stronger by proper workout and diet? It is a proven fact that regular training and proper diet can improve one’s immune system by 25 times. Interested to know more ? Contact us now.

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1 month training with him and I've mastered the art of workout, especially on the form of squats and bench press. Today I can show off my abs with confidence.

Fitness Bible

5 Dumbbell Mistakes! Less Effective on Workout Progress!

When you head into a strength session, you have one mission: Choose a set of dumbbells and start lifting. But sometimes your intentions to get the most out of your workout can backfire, causing you to rush through your reps, or worse, get hurt. Whether it’s a break in form from lack of strength or […]

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365 Day Challenge: Be the BEST that you can be!
365 Day Challenge: Be the BEST that you can be!

Are you ready to transform your life? Quit imagining it and make it happen. Learn about the 365 day challenge and accomplish all of your fitness goals! In the fitness game, the most common goals by far are to lose body fat or to “get in shape.” The problem is these goals, and others like them, […]

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The Best Diet is to Eat More, Feel Better!
The Best Diet is to Eat More, Feel Better!

For the past decade, a team of researchers has been following the weight-maintenance habits of more than 4,500 people in their mid-20s. They found that, on average about a quarter of the young men and women enrolled in the study maintained their weight over the 10 years. A far smaller percentage (3.8 percent of the […]

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